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Who am I?

Well, I'm glad you asked! I’m a multimedia sports journalist who has experience with various forms of storytelling and coverage, including video, audio, written, social media, PR and more.

I’ve turned my passion of sports as a young child into an unmatched and unique skillset. But it didn’t happen overnight.

I was turned onto the sport of NASCAR, at the young age of five thanks to my dad. Fast forward about almost a decade, and you have the crazily obsessed racing fan who happens to have a platform. Not everybody can say they turned their passion as a kid into a reality as an adult. But I sure as hell am glad I can.

In my four years at Michigan State University, I learned how to effectively create interactive, fresh and compelling content and tell stories. From podcasts and live radio, to shorter and long-form video coupled with articles, the whole nine yards. I’ve done it. I’ve improved upon my skills, and I’m ready for more challenges.

My perseverance and hard work was rewarded by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters, as my start-up NASCAR podcast, “Victory Lane,” won an award in the “Talk Show” category for the 2017-2018 academic year. More than 400 pieces of my content were published on MSU’s award-winning radio station’s website, Impact 89 FM, after I worked my way up as a freshman volunteer to a senior helping run the entire sports department.

I cover the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East and West for the sanctioning body itself under the Home Tracks umbrella and travel across the country year-round to bring coverage (including but not limited to articles, features, videos and audio) to the viewer, listener and reader, whenever, wherever and however necessary. I also work for NBC Sports Washington as a production assistant in Bethesda, Maryland and appear on-air to assist in their NASCAR coverage. In addition, I have served as a multimedia journalist and editor for Frontstretch, one of the preeminent NASCAR blogs.


Sports Reporter
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